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Tax Savings Calculator: How Much Money Are You Losing?
Home Office Deduction
Home based deductions are available when any dwelling unit of yours
is used on a regular basis for your business.

Monthly total of any of the following: Rent, Real Estate Taxes, Utilities
and Services, Mortgage Interest, Insurance, Casualty Losses:

per month $

Business Vehicle Deduction
Business Vehicle Deduction - use of any vehicle in the course of operating your
home business, may be deductable as a business expense.

Estimated number of business miles driven monthly:

miles per month

Business Travel Deduction
Business Travel Deduction - travel expenses incurred when business activity requires
to stay away from the principal place of business can be deductible.

Estimated yearly cost of: Airfare, Hotel, Parking, and other related business travel expenses:

per year $

Meals & Entertainment Deduction
Expenses incurred for meals and entertainment can be deductible
if related or associated with your business.

Estimated cost of business meals each month:

per month $

General Office Deduction
General business expenses such as telephone & internet use,
supplies and marketing materials may be deductible.

Estimated monthly cost of the following: telephone & cell phone,
internet, business cards, general office supplies, marketing and advertising.

per month $
Estimated Annual Tax Deductions: $
Based on a Tax Rate of 28% Your Savings Could Be About: $
Estimated Monthly Savings: $


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